Sunday, October 24, 2021


Incident Management

Incident Management (IM) is here to stay on our roads and has been included in the current coalition government’s agreement. In some 15 years IM has become a proven concept and is now a small but nevertheless important component of traffic management in the Netherlands.

Special instrument

Incident Management stands for a complete set of decisive measures to free up the road as quickly as possible following an incident, taking account of traffic safety, fostering the best interests of any victims and managing the resulting damage. This is all executed and supported by a special cooperation between public and private organisations in which IM is a unique and relatively cheap form of management that gives our society more than it costs.

Making IM better together

IM affects us all and has huge significance for our country. The IM chain partners consider it important to share knowledge and information with those with an interest in IM, whether road user, political assistant, journalist, policy officer, emergency worker or citizen. The IM chain partners hope that sharing will enable you to use the information on this site for your own initiatives and, in turn, share your experiences with us. So that the IM assistance process in particular and Incident Management in general can improve every day.

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