Sunday, October 24, 2021

Hoe is IM organised?

Incident Management is synonymous for safety and cooperation and has become a broad partnership involving several public and private parties. The Incident Management Programme Office(Rijkswaterstaat) acts as a constant, connecting link in this between all the chain partners and as initiator of all current and new IM initiatives in the Netherlands.

IM chain partners

The IM chain partners are the police, fire services, ambulance service (GHOR), highways authorities (especially Rijkswaterstaat, provinces and municipalities and, to a lesser extent, water boards and private road owners), the Public Prosecutor, salvage companies, assessors (salvage) and the breakdown services. At the same time there is close cooperation with the notification centres, the transport sector (TLN, EVO, KNV), insurance companies in general and assessors (STI).

Want to find out more?

Click the links below if you wish to find out more about how IM is organised in the Netherlands, who does what at IM, what the IM process involves and the role of safety and communication in (implementing) IM.

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