Sunday, October 24, 2021

IM inconceivable without communication

Communication plays a crucial role in the application of Incident Management on the road network. The communication must ensure that the emergency service workers must be well informed about over the characteristics of the accident they have been requested to assist. It is also important that emergency service workers communicate with each other both before they assist (for example, how they are going to work) and during the assistance process. In both cases communication plays an essential role in aligning the work processes, internally and externally.

It is also important from the emergency assistance process to communicate with the community, such as to road users who can pass on valuable information about the accident, who are hindered by the accident and who may also even be involved in an accident. The IM chain partners must also strive to convince society, policymakers and politicians of the need for and added value of Incident Management for the community by communicating proactively.

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