Wednesday, September 29, 2021

IM process

The IM process has four phases:

  1. Detection & notification
  2. The source of an incident notification is often vary diverse. Usually an incident is reported (mobile phone) by those involved and/or other road users using the 112 emergency call number. Several reports tend to come in concerning one incident and incident scan also be detected in other ways. Read on

  3. Getting to the scene

    In this phase the emergency services go to the scene of the incident. In contact with the notification centre, the regional traffic centre and/or colleagues at the scene the picture of the incident and the incident scene are sketched and/or refined (picture).  Read on

  4. Action
  5. This phase begins upon arrival at the scene of the incident when still in the vehicle.  Read on

  6. Normalisation
  7. In the normalisation phase:

    • the GRIP upscaling is regulated by the emergency services;
    • all the measures are taken to clear the incident processing.

    Read on

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