Friday, November 27, 2020

The fire services

The fire services are called to an incident in the event of serious injury, that someone is trapped, side-on collision, upturned vehicle, incident involving hazardous substances, incident with fire hazard and a collision whereby the estimated speed is more than 45 kph.


The tasks and work processes of the fire services are contained in the crisis management process “source and effect containment”.

IM related work processes of the fire services are:

  • containment of fire and emissions (emission/release) of hazardous substances;
  • rescue and technical assistance;
  • decontamination of humans and animals;
  • decontamination of vehicles and infrastructure;
  • observation and measurement;
  • accessibility and clean-up.

These work processes coincide with the work processes of both the GHOR, the police and the highways authority. Within the IM process agreements are made via “consultation and collaboration” on implementing the tasks. If requested by the highways inspector the fire services will assist in the salvage of wreckage and clearing the road. Like the other IM chain partners the fire services are co-responsible for the safety.

The tasks of the fire services during the IM process are to:

  • ensure the scene of the incident is safe (together with the highways authority, police and ambulance);
  • assist victims, together with ambulance personnel;
  • extinguish fire;
  • take measures if hazardous substances are released;
  • support decontamination and clean-up work.
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