Other parties

The calamities contractor

To support the processing of incidents the highways authority has drawn up calamities contracts with calamities contractors that provide personnel and equipment for, among other things:

  • extra traffic measures;
  • road and road furniture repair and cleaning work;
  • support in processing incidents involving hazardous substances.

Salvage Transport Incident (STI)

For major or complex truck incidents STI experts are called in.

The STI experts advise the highways authority and the emergency personnel in truck accidents about salvage, with an insurance expert called in for damage to the load, vehicle and environment to advise on the best form of salvage according to the costs and interests of the damage versus societal interests.

The STI expert is authorised on behalf of the association of insurers and recognised by the trade associations whereby no ambiguity arises concerning the damages payable. The STI expert is deployed at the same time as the salvage company by the CMV.

For all incidents requiring accelerated or delayed salvage (for example, risk of extra damage) or where one of these approaches is considered, and where the STI expert is not present, the highways authority contacts the STI expert. He then advises on the appropriate salvage method on the basis of the information provided by the highways inspector at the scene of the incident and ensures that the chosen salvage method is established and is substantiated for a reason. At the same time, he indicates whether any additional damage has been caused to vehicles, loads and/or roads, crash barriers and road furniture. The STI expert compiles a report of every incident on which he advises.

The breakdown and other services

Sometimes breakdown and other services detect an incident. These services are:

  • breakdown services like the ANWB;
  • services like Pro-File Tirecentre and Euromaster.

The tasks of these services at an incident are to:

  • take primary safety measures in line with the application of the respective directive (REVI) for unilateral and bilateral collision danger;
  • survey the incident and warn other services if appropriate;
  • extend first aid.

In performing breakdown and other services, the valid guidelines as used within IM must be adhered to.

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