The highways authority

The highways authority is first and foremost responsible for the laying and management of the roads (technical road management), whereby traffic safety, drive comfort and the restriction of hindrance to neighbouring residents are key themes.

Role extended

Since 2004 the role of RWS as highways authority has grown. In the IM-plus project at the time highways inspectors (WIS) were trained by the traffic police to carry out tasks in the area of traffic control and safety on national highways thereby allowing the traffic police to focus more on their real tasks of detection and enforcement. All highways inspectors of Rijkswaterstaat have since been trained and are designated nationally as traffic controllers.

Much more a traffic manager

Increasing traffic intensity on the provincial and municipal road network sees the highways authority increasingly taking on the role of traffic manager. Boosting traffic safety and improving traffic flow have become key responsibilities for this highways authority. More and more, the highways inspectors of the provinces and the municipalities are also being trained as traffic controllers on a regional basis.


The highways authority wants to appoint all highways inspectors in time as traffic controllers on a national basis so that they can all be used on state, provincial and municipal roads.

Different officials

The highways authority has different officials that fulfil an operational role within IM:

Highways authority Regional Traffic Centre (RVC) Scene of the incident
Rijkswaterstaat Road Traffic Supervisor (WVL) Highways Inspector (WIS)
  Coordinating Road Traffic Supervisor (CWVL) Duty Officer (OvD-RWS)
Provinces and municipalities Organised per highways authority. 
Sometimes linked to the RVC of RWS.
Highways Inspector (WIS)
  Organised per highways authority. 
Sometimes linked to the RVC of RWS. 
Calamities Coordinator (CC)


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