The regional traffic centre road traffic supervisor

The regional traffic centre is charged with monitoring, controlling and conducting the traffic in its respective region.

Among other things, the centre:

  • closes off roads;
  • opens or closes rush-hour lanes;
  • create diversions;
  • informs road users;
  • guides the operation of highways inspector.


The tasks of the regional traffic centre road traffic supervisor are:

  • controlling and conducting traffic flows;
  • operating and monitoring objects;
  • supporting the processing of incidents;
  • supporting and coordinating morning and evening rush-hour traffic;
  • ensuring information gets to the road user.

The road traffic supervisor carries out his tasks assisted by a range of electronic devices like traffic signalling, controlled access and Dynamic Route Information Panels (DRIPs and verge DRIPs). In addition, information is exchanged with the other regional traffic centres, the Netherlands Traffic Centre (VCNL) and the police.

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