Sunday, October 24, 2021

The Incident Management partners

‘We are as strong as our weakest link.’ All the links in the IM chain must be sufficiently informed, equipped and trained. This page contains information specific to those involved in IM.

IM chain partners

The IM chain partners are the police, fire services, ambulance service (GHOR), highways authorities (especially Rijkswaterstaat, provinces and municipalities and, to a lesser extent, water boards and private owners of roads), the public prosecutor, salvage companies, assessors (salvage) and the breakdown services.

At the same time, there is close cooperation with notification centres, the transport sector (TLN, EVO, KNV), insurance companies in general and assessors (STI).

IM for me

Notification centres
Ambulance service (GHOR)
Salvage companies
Professional traffic managers
Fire services

(Breakdown) Assistance (all partners)
Emergency rooms 
Netherlands  Association of Salvage Specialists (VBS)
Duty officers (all partners) 
Public Prosecutor

Driving schools
Transport sector (TLN, EVO, KNV)
Safety regions
Insurance companies (VVV)
Highways authorities

Highways inspectors (Rijkswaterstaat) 
Traffic controllers

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