Tuesday, April 13, 2021


Duty Officer

The Duty Officer (OvD) has ultimate responsibility in normal incident containment. Each emergency service, such as the fire services, police, GHOR or Rijkswaterstaat has its own duty officer, namely the OvD-B, OvD-P, OvD-G and the OvD-RWS.

In a monodisciplinary action the duty officer supervises his own service’s units involved in the incident containment. In multidisciplinary action the OvDs of the fire services will coordinate the cooperation.

In multidisciplinary action different levels occur, known as GRIP levels. In GRIP 0, generally known as ‘Motorkapoverleg’ (on site consultation), the emergency service organisations work routinely. When scaled up to GRIP 1 and higher, the OvD will not only supervise his own units but also coordinate multidisciplinary cooperation and set up a Command at the Place of the Incident (CoPI).

From GRIP 1 the OvD will lead the CoPI until the Chief Duty Officer (HOvD) arrives and from GRIP 1 inform, support and advise the HOvD.

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