Tuesday, April 13, 2021


Breakdown emergency services

‘Own safety first’ is the slogan of the IM emergency services. The safety of the emergency service personnel is top priority in Incident Management. This is why optimisation is a constant focus in processing accidents because every improvement means a shorter duration in clearing the accident and therefore shorter period of exposure to danger. Safety is thus a key driver for the further development of Incident Management.


Safety is also the aim of the directive on primary safety measures during incidents (REVI). This guideline dates from 2010 and comprises two parts: unilateral and bilateral collision hazard. This directive enables you, as emergency service worker, to ensure your own safety, the safety of those involved in the incident and the safety of other road users on all roads in the Netherlands.

Safety Days

Every year Safety Days are held for emergency service personnel. A day for and by emergency service personnel. For more information, click here

E-learning safety measures

The E-learning programme teaches you how to always ensure your own safety on all roads by employing the primary safety measures. These measures are described in the directive on primary safety measures during incidents for unilateral and bilateral collision danger. Click here to start the E-learning programme.

Useful documents

See http://www.eigenveiligheideerst.nl/publicaties.html

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