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The Minister of Transport, Public Works and Water Management has stated the policy concerning the highway network in the Incident Management policy regulations in the State Gazette (27 April 1999/nr. HKWIUB99/3289).


What is Incident Management?

‘Incident Management is the set of measures intended to free up the road for traffic as quickly as possible following an incident, taking account of traffic safety, fostering the best interests of any victims and managing the resulting damage.’

Incidents refer to accidents as well as breakdowns, abandoned vehicles, ‘contraflow and onlooker traffic jams’, spilled cargo and other unforeseen situations such as  a stray cow that could disrupt the traffic flow.

Decisive together

Incident Management is synonymous for safety and cooperation, and has since grown to become a broad cooperative arrangement between several public and private parties.

IM road network

Incident Management does not occur on all Dutch roads. IM roads have been designated to comprise all national highways, various provincial roads (or parts thereof) and various local municipal roads (or parts thereof).

Part of a larger whole

IM is one of the pillars of the traffic management used on the Dutch road network. Incident management can be regarded as part of a greater whole of construction, use, management & maintenance and road or network modification.

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