National passenger car regulation

The national passenger car regulation relates to the use of a salvage company at minor incidents involving cars.


The National Notification Centre (LCM) acts, in the event of an incident involving cars, as an emergency centre and ensures that the contracted salvage company is deployed. The LCM is assigned its work by the Stichting Incident Management Nederland (SIMN).


The Stichting Incident Management Nederland is cooperation between emergency centres with activities relating to the salvage of personal vehicles. It is responsible both for contracting on behalf of the affiliated emergency centres the salvage companies that operate on principal roads and for the organisation and operation of the National Notification Centre (LCM).

Main pillar

The main pillar of the administrative procedure of the LPR is the guarantee (unless costs are fraudulently declared) that the costs of ‘unwarranted trips’ by the deployed salvage companies will be borne by the highways authority. This means that the salvage companies do not, in principle, have to worry about compensation for unwarranted trips and can immediately proceed to the scene of the incident after being notified by the LCM.

LPR procedure chart

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