Wednesday, September 29, 2021

National tow-away regulation

Stranded vehicles are often left along the highway and refuge areas, which can present problems for the traffic safety, traffic flow and maintenance and usability of the road and the environment. The ‘obstacle-free zone tow-away regulation’ applies to cars, including caravans and trailers, which are left unattended in the obstacle-free zone of highways.

Obstacle-free zone concerns:

  • highways: the zone 10 metres from the inside of the van the road edge marking, including the hard shoulder;
  • for other roads under the authorisation of Rijkswaterstaat this zone is 6 metres.

Procedure for towing away vehicles

The vehicles must be towed away to a safe location, usually the premises of the salvage company. To deal with the processing of the towed-away vehicles, Rijkswaterstaat has established a national counter (LAW) that contacts the registered owner of the vehicle concerned to enable the owner to retrieve his property. The First three days are free of charge, thereafter charges apply.

The towed-away vehicles are kept for a period of 14 to 90 days. The registered owner of the vehicle is informed in writing. A number of documents supports the salvage companies in processing the administration of the tow-away regulation.

Valuation form 
You are requested to complete the valuation form as fully as possible and mail this to the LAW, at the latest a week after salvage but preferably sooner. Make photos as indicated on the form and this vehicle will be valued in consultation with the LAW.

Collection receipt 
If the owner collects his/her vehicle, a collection receipt must be signed. At the same time make a photocopy or digital scan of the driving licence for identification purposes. This can be enclosed with the collection receipt and sent to the LAW. If the salvage company settles with the owner, the salvage company must also send a copy of the signed invoice. If a stripping company collects the vehicle, it must also sign a collection receipt.

If the owner no longer wishes to reclaim his/her vehicle, he/she must sign a disclaimer. At the same time make a photocopy or digital scan of the driving licence for identification purpose and add this to the disclaimer along with the surrendered car papers, and send everything to the LAW.

More information

For further information phone the LAW (national counter for processing tow-aways) on 088 - 007 8782.

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