Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Serious accident

  • Ensure your own safety
  1. Switch on your warning lights to warn the traffic
  2. Pull on a safety bib before leaving your vehicle. This applies to all occupants
  3. After an accident or during a breakdown on the road/highway no-one should remain in the vehicle. Only in the event of (suspected) injury should you leave that person in the vehicle
  4. Never remain in the carriageway
  5. Never push a car to the roadside
  6. Always be aware of the traffic, also any traffic on the hard shoulder
  7. Stand behind the crash barrier (middle or verge) or in the verge, but do not cross carriageways
  • Call 112 for assistance
  1. Explain where you are; are you on a road or a highway?
  2. When reporting the accident or breakdown provide all the information about the closest marker post: the road number, like A4; the marker post, like 50.8 Li (left) of Re (right) and (if stated) the black letter on the yellow background, like ‘t’
  • Explain what you see
  1. Any injured people: how many, how serious, trapped?
  2. How many trucks, cars or motorbikes are there?
  3. Are there hazardous substances (orange board with numbers or warning boards)? In that case keep a distance of 100 metres and the wind in your back NB On the basis of your information, the emergency centre will call in the requisite emergency services
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