Red-blue booklet

This booklet provides insight into the tasks, authorities and responsibilities of the various services involved in a traffic incident. Both the role of the employees in the control centers / exchanges and the employees on the road are discussed.

At the end of the 1990s, regular Incident Management (IM) was started on the Dutch main road network. For good cooperation, it is important that all those involved are aware of each other's tasks, responsibilities and authorities.

In addition, it must be clear who needs what information to be able to perform his or her tasks properly, and where that information can be obtained. The red-blue booklet has been published for this purpose. This booklet deals with the provision of information and information exchange between services during the handling of an incident.

The purpose of the booklet is to provide these insights, so that the services can carry out their activities as well as possible and mutual cooperation will be as efficient as possible. Ultimately, this should lead to incidents being handled as quickly and safely as possible.

The previous version of the red-blue booklet, in which the tasks of all emergency services involved in IM are discussed, dates from 2004. The revised and updated version can be downloaded here.


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